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Male Human Pheromone To Attract Women

Is it true that the more human pheromone you have, the more sexually attractive you are? Why is the human pheromone such a powerful sexual attraction?

You see, the pheromone is a form of chemical sexual communication between members of the same species, such as sexual attraction between human beings. Pheromones in mammals are categorized into the primer, releaser and information types by scientists.

The "primer pheromone" can cause changes in the endocrine system of the animal receiving the chemical signal from its own species, usually of the opposite sex although it can happen to the same sex.

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For example, a male mouse can emit a pheromone to speed up the maturity of female mouse, causing it to be reproductively ready in a shorter time frame.

The "releaser pheromone" on the other hand triggers reproductive behavior, generally indicating the fertility and readiness in the female and the "information pheromone" communicates the animal's identity such as how dominant or healthy it is.

However, human pheromones as an attractive force is still a rather controversial subject because most people believe sexual attraction in people are based on purely physical attraction and appeal. Of course, since several scientific reseach confirm that human beings do secrete natural pheromone through our sweat glands, there has also been great interest in this subject.

Human Pheromones Proven To Work?

Pheromones have been isolated by scientists in human beings and have been shown in scientific studies to have an effect on a variety of human behaviors and hormonal processes. This is getting more interesting, don't you think so?

It is now known that the human pheromone can be detected by the VNO which is an organ in the nose adding to the fact that a number of controlled studies have shown that pheromones both natural and in supplement form do affect greatly our social behavior compounded excitedly by a growing mountain of raving pheromone product testimonials from people who use pheromone releaser supplements to attract the opposite sex or sometimes, the same sex if they so prefer.

It has been scientifically proven that men who produce higher than average amount of natural human pheromones have greater success in attracting women than men who produce less of the chemical. Likewise for women in attracting the men they desire.

Have you ever ever noticed that whenever you hug a woman, you can tell instantly if she is attracted to you? I'm sure you do. She will pull you in close up, find that nook between your neck and shoulders and bury her face snugly there, getting as much from your scent as she can.

Do you know why she does that? Yes, because she is instinctively grabbing a whiff of your sexy pheromones without her even knowing it.

Since the the begining of the human race, the natural pheromones that we all produce have been a reliable indicator of physical attractiveness. Human pheromones a man produced can produce heightened female sexual responsiveness to the man. They also release neurotransmitters that can directly modify a woman's behavior, such as triggering sexual excitement.

What To Consider When Buying Pheromone

There are many pheromone oil, cologne and perfume sprays in the market. However, I am kind of sceptical about these pheromone sprays products because everyone produces their own unique pheromones and that is why we attract different mates. So it cannot be a one size fit all like what pheromone oil, cologne and perfume manufacturers claim. So keep this in mind when you buy pheromone online.

The best way is then to take pheromone supplements to increase your own natural production of this sexual enhancement compound. If you want to know how to increase pheromone to attract women or a mate, then read Pheromone Booster Supplement.

Wishing you all the fun on what your pheromones are going to attract.

The Love Guru

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