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Relationship Between Alcohol And Erectile Dysfunction

Many people love to have an alcoholic drink now and then especially in a social situation and so do I. Moderate drinking say, one or two drinks a day may not be harmful to a healthy adult except for the extra empty calories consumed.

As a matter of fact, an issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association published in 1999 said that moderate consumption of one or two drinks per day may even reduce the risks of coronary heart diseases and may also lower your risks of getting a stroke. Great news for wine lovers, isnít it?

Alcohol Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction
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Herein is the problem because a large number of people drink much more than what is considered as the healthy amount and get into serious health problems because of their drinking habit.

The consequences of alcohol abuse are serious and in many cases can even be life threatening as alcohol abuse can increase the risks for certain cancers, cause high blood pressure, brain damage, liver cirrhosis, diabetes and erectile dysfunction amongst many other health and even social problems.

Letís talk about alcohol's association with erectile dysfunction. It is a known fact that alcohol abuse may cause sexual dysfunction or ED, preventing even young healthy men from achieving hard erections and enjoying better orgasm.

Many studies on erectile dysfunction and alcohol have indicated that alcohol abuse in men can lower testosterone production and cause testicular atrophy meaning the shrinkage of the testicles.

The lowering of the male sex hormones and damaging the sex organs can result in impotency, male infertility, and even reduced male secondary characteristics such as reduced facial and body hair and even enlarged male breast or what is know as gynecomastia.

To many people, even drinking a small amount of alcohol can impair their judgment, coordination, and reaction time. It can increase the risk of work and household accidents, including falls and hip fractures not to say traffic accidents when driving.

Alcoholics may also be putting themselves at risk for serious conflicts with family members, friends, and colleagues. The more heavily they drink, the greater the chance for trouble at home, at work, with friends, and even with strangers.

Considering what alcohol can do to you and your sex life, if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and you are a regular drinker, try cutting down on your drinks alone may get you the hard erections again. It can be as simple as that to treat your erectile dysfunction problems and enjoy sex again.

If you still have problem getting your penis up and hard, then you may have low levels of testosterone triggered by alcohol usage and may want to take some supplements to boost your bodyís natural testosterone production.

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