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How To Use Eye Contact To Turn On Any Women


If you want to meet more women, you have to take the initiative to approach them. If you are afraid of rejection, so do the girls. The idea of being rejected is even more embarrassing for the girls than for men. The least that you can do is to use a very powerful body language to start the initial attraction and that is establishing eye contact with women you fancy before approaching them.


If you sit there shyly hoping women will approach you, then you are probably going to end up being single for a very long time. The fact is even if a girl is interested in you, not many of them will approach you for a chat. Hey, girls are brought up not to approach men that way lest they are being looked upon as desperate hussies, don't they?

Practise gazing into her eyes and hold the gaze
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However, if a girl is interested in you, she will give off some signals, most of the time subconsciously. Unfortunately most men don’t have a clue what these signals are.

The secret to being successful with women is to know what these signals are and so be on the lookout for them and when you see one, you must swing into action immediately.

Let’s go back to the subject of eye contact. You can make yourself very attractive to women if you master the art of flirting with your eyes. So, the first step to scoring with women is to make confident eye contact with any girl you fancy. It doesn't matter if you are not handsome or good looking, if you can give her a good and confident gaze, it can very well turn her on.


When I said eye contact, I meant literally gazing into her eyes. This is where most men get it wrong. Instead of gazing at the woman’s eyes, they tend look at her bosom or her legs. If you do just that, will come across to her as lecherous and that will convey a very negative image of you and we all know that first impression counts a mighty lot and it lasts for a long time.


The moment you walk into a venue, start looking at any girl you fancy even if you think she is far too gorgeous for you. Just gaze confidently into her eyes give her a smile at the same time.

Remember, your eye contact body language speaks volumes about you and so never leer or glare. In this way, you are subtly telling her that she is under your scrutiny and she has no alternative but to react to your gaze.


As said earlier, never be afraid to establish eye contact with beautiful girls. Most men don’t know this, but now you do. Many of the best looking girls are often short on dates because few men dare to make eye contact with them. Therefore the better looking she is the more likely she is to warm up to you when your eyes meet hers.


When your is gaze locked onto her eyes, this is the time to know if she is interested in meeting you. If she is, she will look straight back at you, then shyly look away, and then turn to look at you again, perhaps with a smile thrown in. Now is the perfect time to approach her and chat her up.


If she fixes you in a steely glare or she does not look back after the initial eye contact, then she is probably uninterested. When this happens, it is time to establish eye contact with another girl.


Remember, flirting with women using eye contact is a very powerful way to seduce and turn her on. It is one of the most powerful and attractive weapon in a man’s seduction arsenal

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