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Where is the male G-spot located?

Do men have g-spots? If so, where to find it? If you want to have more intensive and explosive male orgasm, then you must be able to locate your g-spot and stimulate it or teach your sexual partner how to do it.

You see, most men don't even know they have a g-spot and are absolutely clueless about stimulating or massaging it to get much more explosive climaxes than they usually do and this can be done even without penile stimulation. Yes, you've heard that right. So what is this male g-spot? Well, it is your prostate gland.

The prostate gland is the male G-Spot
prostrate gland male g spot image
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So how can you massage your prostate gland to get explosive orgasms?

There are two methods to stimulate your prostate gland and they are the internal and external stimulations. Your prostate gland lies just behind the lower part of your pubic arch in front of your rectum. It is just about three inches inside your anus.

Figuratively speaking, your prostate gland is shaped like a walnut in size and is surrounded by a fibrous tissue and smooth muscles. That will mean that for internal stimulation, you or your sexual partner must stick a finger into your anus to stimulate this ultra sensitive organ.

Now, I know that many heterosexual men will baulk at the idea of sticking something into their ass. These men believe that if a guy enjoys any anal intrusions, then he must be a gay man.

To me this is a false belief because sexual gratification deriving from prostrate stimulation is very enjoyable and this you can do it yourself or get your female partner to do it for you and so why should there be any homosexual connotations? Okay, now that we have got this mistaken heterosexual male mindset out of the way, let us continue with this method of sexual stimulation for men.

To start off, it is prudent to remember that your rectum is a very sensitive organ and have numerous nerve endings, so lubricating it thoroughly before inserting anything inside is of crucial importance so as not to damage the sensitive tissues down there. So you either use a well lubricated latex glove or a finger cot and slowly and carefully insert it into your also already lubricated anus.

Then slowly and lovingly move your finger in and out to relax the muscles of the rectum area to let your muscles there get uses to the insertions. Once you are comfortable with the feeling and when your finger is fully inside, slowly and carefully curl it to massage your prostate gland gently. See the above picture to see how you can locate your prostate gland with your finger.

Here is the best part. While doing this, you will get rock hard solid erection and will feel surges and surges of extreme sexual pleasure until you explode with probably the most intensive orgasm of your life.

If you are still uncomfortable with the idea of anal penetration, then the other option is to try external stimulation. For this, use your index finger and apply pressure on the area between your anus and the scrotum. This is approximately where your prostate is and then apply pressure on and off it. However, this form of stimulation is far less sexually stimulating than the insertion massaging method.

So men do have their own g spots and by learning how to stimulate it either with yourself or your partner, you can take your sexual pleasures and orgasms to new heights you've probably never dreamed of. Dare to take up the challenge for getting the most pleasurable orgasms of your life?

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