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How Can Men Have Multiple Orgasms

All of us probably know that women can and do have multiple orgasms. However, have you heard of male multiple orgasms? If you only had single orgasm all your life, then you may be surprised that men too can have multiple orgasms. The question is how can we do that?

Having sex is probably the only undisputed pleasure known to the human race and since there is so much pleasure to be derived from sexual acts, then why not enhance it even more. Why should men be satisfied with only single orgasm each time when we make love and not strive for more?

Men can also enjoy multiple orgasms
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This phenemenon probably boils down to our erroneous belief that men can only have single orgasm each time we perform in bed and so we stop there without going any further to exploit our sexuality. So if there is such a thing as male multiple orgasms, how we achieve it?

Okay, although it is definitely possible for men to get multiple orgasms, it may take you weeks or even months of diligent practice to get to that delirious state of sexual climax.

However the effort that you take will be well rewarded as from then on, you can have multiple orgasms as and when you want to for the rest of your life unless you are suffering from erectile dysfunction problems.

You see, male multiple orgasms are prevented by ejaculation. Yes, that's right. This is because if you don't ejaculate, then your penis will still be hard and it can climax again and again until you finally ejaculate. It is the contraction of your penile muscle while ejaculating that gives you the single orgasm and nothing more after that.

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So it goes to say that the way you perform in bed is very important because when the sexual stimulation builds up the pleasure in your body and is not controlled, you will reach a point when your sexual muscle will contract and ejaculation happens.

This will mean that you if you can control your ejaculations, you can control your orgasms since most men are unable to remain in the state of arousal after ejaculation. Therefore to have control over the ejaculation process, you will need to have a very strong pubococcygeus muscle or what is commonly known as the PC muscle.

This muscle has both sexual and health purposes. The pc muscle's main purpose is to control the flow of urine but you can also use it to control your ejaculations as well. So if you are able to have single orgasm, then through a series of diligent practices, you too can have multiple orgasms.

Male Multiple Orgasm Hypnosis

Most men wrongfully think that having an ejaculation and orgasm is the same thing. Well, I am now telling you that they are not because you can indeed have male orgasms without having to ejaculate. Surprised, aren't you?

The ability to control your ejaculation is by controlling your pc muscle. You do this like you are trying to stop urinating half way through the process of urinating. You can start practicing how to achieve multiple orgasms when you are masturbating.

When you come to the point of almost ejaculating, stop the act and tighten your pc muscle like stopping the urination process until the sexual tension is decreased. Then repeat this process again and again until you are satisfied.

While you are masturbating, pay attention to your state of your sexual arousal. This is to help you learn how to be in control of your sexual responses. You will then notice that there will be pc muscle contractions just before ejaculation. Now, when you have identified the workings of your pc muscle, you will then be able to squeeze it better and tighter to prevent ejaculations.

By doing this, you will then be able hold back the ejaculations and so you are now achieving multiple orgasms without ejaculation. You will also notice that you are still aroused after each orgasmic climax and can repeat the process of being sexually aroused over and over again. Yes, men can have multiple orgasms.

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