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Why Nice Guys Annoy And Irritate Women?

Now, if you listen carefully to women when they talk about men, you will very often hear them use the word "annoying" to describe some of the men they know. Of course you do know that it is not a good thing when a woman uses this word to describe a guy, especially if you are the one they are talking about. When women use this word about a man, then most of the time, she is not attracted to him although there are some exceptions.

You know something? When women say "He is so annoying and irritating" or "He always annoys me when he does that", they are most of the time referring to men with wussy behaviors. In other words, they are referring to "Mr Nice Guys".

Firstly, there is nothing wrong with being nice, but men usually overdo it until it gets irritating. So what are some of the things that nice guys do that women find annoying? The following are some examples:-

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How To Be Attractive To Women

a) By calling her too often - No matter how good your intention and concerns for her, unless she wants you to, calling her to often is definitely annoying and a big turn off.

Calling her too often is intruding into her right of privacy and make you look like an emotional needy wimp. What is more irritating than that? But men are often doing this to a new girl he fancies and just met!


b) By telling her you have "feelings" for her too early in a relationship - This is because you are giving away your power to her and making you look like you have low confidence in yourself. Women find confident men attractive but not the other way round.

c) Always asking her what she wants to do or where to go - Women loves men who are leaders, not submissive followers. Leadership is a manly trait women finds appealing. A man who can lead gives women a feeling of security and security is what women instictively want in their men.

d) Always accepting her demands and requests - Being her doormat and putting your own needs aside sends out strong signals that you are a wuss or wimp. Are these behaviors attractive? Certainly not, as far as women are concerned. They want men who can stand up for his rights and able to protect her instead of being so submissive.

Now, you may still not believe why demonstrating your affection for her by calling her often, telling her your real feeling, letting her make the decisions and putting her first is annoying to women even with the above explanation. Well, whether you believe it or not, it is a fact.

Now read this very carefully. Women, especially the most attractive and beautiful amongst them, usually find the above wussy behaviors extremely annoying.

The reason for this is that no matter how good and nice these behaviors seem, there is only one conclusion that women will reach. The guys that do them are 100% certified wussies and women are never attracted by wussy men no matter how nice these guys are!

It is going to get more fun from now. To further confuse you, you will often hear a woman say something to the effect of "I want a strong man and a guy who is also sensitive" or "He should have his own life and his own friends but also be totally focused on me." Isn't her saying something which is totally in conflict? I'm sure you heard women say like these things.

Women often talk about wanting a combination of things in a man that just don't seem to gel. Strange isn't it? So what is going on here? Why is it that girls seem to always talk about wanting guys who have qualities that do not gel together? To get the answers, you need to get into the psyche of a woman's thinking.

You see, when a woman says that she wants a strong guy who is also sensitive, she is actually saying she wants a man who is strong. The sensitive part is secondary. It is optional. This is one big reason why women often date jerks and men who are emotionally detached, and don't date nice guys like us who would do anything for them including groveling! Click this link to start Attracting Beautiful Girls.

This is because, attraction is not a choice. I will write about that in another article why attraction is not a choice or a logical decision. Women do not sit down and make a logical list of the qualities that a particular guy has and then think about it before deciding whether or not to feel attraction. Attraction happens in an instant and it happens for all kinds of illogical reasons, if there are any reasons to begin with in the first place.

So as bad as it may seem, you must understand that you sometimes have to do things that seem to be inconsiderate in order to give a woman what she really wants. That is a man who is in control of himself, the situation and even herself. Sure, being a nice guy is a good attribute, but not to the extent of selling out your dignity and losing the respect from women.

So the answer is to blow hot and cold to keep them guessing and arousing women's curiosity in you and that is one big attraction as far as women are concerned. I am not asking you to be an inconsiderate jerk, but just to modify your behavior so that you do not come across as a wuss and irritatingly annoying women with your nice guy gestures. Click this link if you want to Become A Chick Magnet Overnight.

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