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Do You Have The Male Attributes That Attract Women?

What do women want in a man? This must be an age old question from since the begining of mankind. Every straight man must have sometime or other considered and even have been baffled by this timeless question including yourself.

I should think that you are still searching for the answers to " what are the characteristics women find appealing in a man" and that is why you have landed up on this page.

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While nobody could in anyway answer this question with a complete answer, there are certain traits and attributes of a man which women find very appealing that are generally agreed by most psychologists and as well as from women themselves.

This can give us (mostly clueless male species) men pretty good insights into the female mind and what she finds attractive in men.

So what do women want in a man? First of all, confidence. In a woman's eye, a confident man is a very appealing man. What I mean is genuine confidence. Let me explain. You see, most men either have very little confidence in themselves or carry around a false sense of confidence in their attempts to impress women.

It is like approaching a beautiful girl you have never met before to start a conversation, most men will freeze up somewhat or some will strut over to her with chests puffed up and peacock feathers all flustered to impress her with corny pick up lines like, "Can I buy you a drink?" kind of false bravado. Get the picture?

Women want to see real confidence in a man's behavior and attitude. They are very sensitive to true confidence vis a vis false bravado. Even if you are a good actor and can fake your confidence pretty well at first, any woman you approach and begin spending time with will soon learn of your "true colors".

Having confidence is much more than thinking that you are the most attractive man on earth or believing that you can achieve any objectives that you desire. A genuinely confident man will share his opinions without being argumentative, enjoys intelligent discussions and is always open to new ideas.

Being geuninely confident is thought to be perhaps the most attractive attribute a man can have in attracting women. Learn How To Be Attractive To Women Now

Next on the list women find attractive in a man is, affection. Showing affection to a woman is not just a matter of physical touch or emotional connection. It is complex combinition of these two elements. Women want to know that they are appreciated and this comes through affection, closeness and good bonding of trust and feelings.

So do learn a woman's likes and dislikes and direct your actions and behaviour to these ways. Of course, this does not mean that you have to be too compromising. It is a matter of give and take. Otherwise, by giving too much, you will become a wussy (wimp) in her mind. A wussy man is certainly not an attractive man and is a turn off to most women.

An example of a small gesture that shows affection would be something like you wanted to go to take her to a sports game, but she wanted to watch a movie, so you compromised and take her to the movie instead. After the movie, you take her home and let her know that you are going to the sports game now and she will really appreciate that.

However, do not compromised too much too often. As I said, it is a give and take matter and she will know it and appreciate it. Any pains you take to show true affection will be rewarded and she will feel special and appreciated. That is the true attraction.

The next attribute women find very appealing in a man is that the man must be able to offer her a sense of security. Women these days are very independant and it is now no longer true that a man must provide everything for his woman. So being able to provide security these days means much more than just simply bringing home the bread and bacon or standing up for her and protecting her.

Your woman will want to know that you are going to work at least as hard as she is to get the good things in life for her and for your eventual family. If she finds that you are constantly job hopping or cannot stay on a job for long, chances are that she will drop you like a bombshell once another man who can give the sense of security shows up at the door!

Athough most women do not need to take money from their men anymore, it is still very crucial for a man to prove that he can provide when the situation arises.

Of course there are many more male attributes and traits that are appealing to women. The above are just some examples for you to ponder over about what women want in men. No human being is the same as any other and of course from time to time, you will come across women who are not looking for "security" or a confidently affectionate man.

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