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Is It True That Muscular Men Get To Have More Sex?

What do you think? Yes, numerous researches has confirmed that women find muscular men more sexually attractive. It is now a fact that muscular men have more sex appeal.

No, I am not talking about those bulky professional bodybuilder type, but the lean and fit muscular types like male competitive swimmers. Those studies further pointed out that not only do these muscular men attract women more easily, they even have more sex than the averagely built men.


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How To Get The Perfect Male Body

You see, social psychology researches repeatedly showed that women will choose more muscular men for short term sexual partners and have sex with them faster without a prolonged dating period.

They will also have sex with these men without developing an emotional attraction to them first. That means that muscular guys have it more easy in getting laid.

According to a UCLA research published in the August issue of the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, women don't just like men with more muscles, they even go for them. Men who are more muscular than average are also much more likely to have short-term affairs and multiple sex partners than their scrawnier or overweight peers.

In another study published in 2007, Frederick researchers discovered that the men who were rated more muscular with less body fat were also the men who had more sexual partners.

Girls Are Attracted To Good Looking Muscular Men

All these studies now goes to prove that the way you look and the condition of your body do play a pretty big role in attracting women despite what many "pick up artiste gurus" say to the contrary! These research is solid proof that the way your body looks absolutely makes a big difference in the amount of sex you will have and the amount of different women you can have sex with.

In other words, guys with the right "type" of muscularity can have sex with more women and more often. The less physically attractive guys are rarely chosen by women for short term sexual relationships. That goes to say that if you have more muscles, you will have more flings because you will be oozing with sex appeal!

The research by Frederick and his team of researchers showed that guys with the right muscular build get more girls, they have more one night stands and they even have sex with more women that are currently in relationships with other guys.

So if you have the right look, even married, engaged, or women who are "attached" still want a piece of you, and they are perfectly alright with 'cheating' on their significant other to have a taste of what you've got to offer although this is not something I would encourage.

However, the sexual attraction effect is all dependent upon having the right type of muscular body since the research illustrated that an overly bulky bodybuilder build is not as attractive as a male body with properly proportioned muscles.

Luckily, getting the proper bodily proportions is simply a matter of applying the right workout program like the Adonis Effect, which is designed to build the male body into its most ideal attractive shape.

So what are you waiting for, get to the gym and start building the body that girls find so irresistibly attractive now. Click here for a free male body measurement calculator.

And if you want to attract more women and to get more sex, then remember, how you look plays a very important part in this game. So raise your sex appeal now and be more handsome now.

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