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How can older men restore the sexual stamina of 20 year old males

Have you ever wished that your libido is as strong as when you were a 20 year old stud? What about getting that solid hard erections all over again? 

The answer is yes, you can. Read on and find out how.

You see, sexual stamina, skills and capacities differ greatly from one man to another. However, let's just assume that you had some pretty good sexual stamina when you were in your 20s. Then the next question would be what kind of physical shape are you in right now as compared to when you were full of sexual stamina decades ago?

Robust libido and strong sexual stamina
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Boost your sexual stamina

This is because having sex is a very aerobic activity and for most men in their fourth decade and beyond, they aren't nearly as fit and active as they used to be and this state of physical health do have large implication on your sexual performances.

Before I go on any further, I need to make known that the nature of this article brings me very close to dishing out medical opinions, therefore I need to stress that this article should not be construed as a medical advice as I am not a medical doctor.

So before you undertake any suggestions here, you should first consult your doctor on whether are there any underlying medical problems that leads to your condition.

With that being said, let's be relistic guys. If you are in your late thirties and beyond, your heart thumps like a jackhammer when climbing up a flight of steps, then that is definitely going to affect your sexual prowess. Even putting your physical fitness level aside, there is another very serious reason why some older men can't make love as long and as often as they used to do. The reason is lack of sexual arousal.

Lack Of Sexual Arousal In Men

It is a fact that many older men, being able to continuously have sex like they did when they were much younger has a lot to do with how strong a level of arousal they can keep and maintain.

As a general rule of the thumb, although not exclusively, older men, especially those men who are very well seasoned sexually need to have more sexual stimulation to achieve the same level of physical arousal they had in their early twenties, even though the desire to have frequent sex is there.

So one of the first keys to have more sexual stamina is to make sure that you are in a good physical shape and that your sex partner knows how to keep you physically aroused and not just emotionally charged up. Therefore the best suggestion here is to start an exercise program to improve your physical health and stamina.

If you are overweight, then start to lose weight. Obesity is also a major cause for poor sexual health and impotency. Furthermore, a good workout also increases your natural production of the hormone called testosterone which is also the hormone that is largely responsible for getting your penis hard and giving you better sexual stamina. Learn more about increasing your testosterone naturally.

You see, every man has a certain level of physical arousal at which they function at their best sexually. That level of arousal is unique to each and every male and to each particular activity.

As mentioned earlier, having great sex is a very physical activity, but due to various reasons, usually socialization issues, erroneous beliefs, bad mental programing etc., most men come in on a sexual encounter way too high on the arousal scale for their own good.

Can you guess what some of the symptoms of hyper arousal in a sexual context are? Yup. Impotency and Pre-mature ejaculation.

So what can you do to improve and even increase your sexual stamina? Well, the first thing is to see your doctor to rule out anything dire that is wrong with your penis and sexual organ. Your doctor will also have to assess whether your impotency or sexual dysfunction is due to blood circulation problems like high blood pressure.

The above being done, then determine whether you are in a poor physical fitness state. If you are, go get some form of cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis that is enjoyable for you. Then while you are building up and increasing your sexual stamina, go and have sex alot.

You can do that with natural male sexual penis enhacement pills that are made from natural herbs and thus are safe and do not require a doctor's prescription to give you a gigantic boost to your sexual stamina.

Have fun, enjoy having great sex with your new found libido!

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