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How To Seduce And Make Women Chase You

Now, when you are out on a date with a woman and if you flirt, seduce or tease her the right way, her head will be swirling with questions like "does he like me," or "is he just flirting with me just like he does with the other girls?". These questions in her mind will make her very excited and she will want to get on with the game with its accompanying thrills and spills.

Whenever a woman dates a guy, she will naturally be wanting to look her best and act her sexiest in order to get the confirmation to the questions in her head. The next thing I am going to say is very important if you want the girl to fall madly for you and chase after you.

So read very carefully. The answer is to NEVER give her the confirmation that she so desperately seeks. Get it? No?

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How To Meet And Get The Girls

You see, when a woman is attracted to you, she desperately wants to know if the feeling she has for you is mutual! That is only natural.

The best thing is that you can work a woman into a squirming frenzy by NEVER letting the girl know that she has succeeded with you. This is why you must never tell her how long you have been wanting to date her or admit that you are attracted to her or tell her how you think that the two of you would make a wonderful couple.

I know, you are dying to say those words to her. Yes, the words may sound like winning romantic gestures, but if you do just that, you will probably lose the game. It is only in the movies can the dork or the wussy man is able to win over the hottest girl in the world because he made some dramatic romantic declaration.

That is in reel life. But in real life, it is more than likely that she will mentally regard this as a weakness on your part. You see, in the art of seduction, emotional strength is one of the most powerful keys to sexual attraction. Never forget this if you want girls to chase you instead of the other way round.
You can be awfully sure that most of the time, romantic confessions are not going to get her to confess her own attraction to you. She will hold this as a weapon and this will only take you down a notch down the abyss in her eyes.

Simply put, you are now just like any other guys who cannot control your emotions or your sex drive. So play it cool like a master player and act like nothing fazes you and you can be very sure that she will fall head over heels with you because you are raising the sexual tension when you do just that.

Then follow the correct progression in the art of seduction by escalating it from conversational level to physical touching. Just innocent non sexual touching like a small tap on the shoulder or brushing slightly when deep in conversation. You will never need to wonder whether she likes you as a friend or whether she is interested in more. You will know. There will be signals and you will feel it in your vibes.

The best time to do some touching and physical contact is when both of you are laughing. Simply just reach over and give her knee a light touch or high-five her and interlace your fingers with her, and then immediately disengage. What you are trying to acheive is to acclimatize her to your touch and raising the sexual tension so that it becomes something she is comfortable and feel natural with.

The Right Time To Make Her Fall In Love With You And Chase You

Once she is comfortable with your touch, it will be very easy for you to hold her hands later in the night or even kiss her for the first time, or when the time is right, initiate the foreplay that leads to sex since she is already "warmed up" to your touches.

Most men will often fail to escalate the sexual tension because they do not want to be seen as being too aggressive. However, to me it is just an excuse for not daring enough to risk rejection.

So if you have laid your groundwork right, then escalate the sexual energy and build up her sexual attraction by framing yourself as a hard to get "prize". Make her work and chase her prize that is you and she will be receptive when you take things to the next level. But it is on you to lead her there and make her fall in love with you crazily.

You see, if she has warmed up on you and by not escalating further with her, she may view you as a wuss and she may even feet a little insulted. But to you, you are just behaving like a gentleman, aren't you? Then tell me why do jerks get all the girls? If you don't know, then read How To Date And Seduce Girls Anywhere Anytime.

So the key to successful seduction is to build up the intimacy and sex with a progression of small baby steps. Perhaps the biggest mistake guys make is trying to seduce women before the groundwork has been laid out properly.

Tell me how can you date a girl before you have spent time chatting with her and getting her interested in you? Pray, tell me how can you even attempt your first kiss when you have not even laid a finger on her all night? See the point?

You build up to the first kiss by making contact with her throughout the evening, touching her slightly when relating a story or giving her brief hand massages or brushing her hair back from her eyes or as simple as placing your hand on the small of her back as you guide her through a door...etc.

If there is a mutual attraction, let her be the one to express her feelings to you but not the other way round and when she does, play it even more cool. If she says something that implies she likes you and wants to date you again, just give a vague response with no firm commitment.

Always keep her guessing! The more you seem like you don't really give a damn, the more desperately she will want you to confirm her feelings and will chase you for it! But don't give in and keep her wondering. This is getting more fun, don't you think?

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