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How To Turn On Women With Sexual Chemistry

Firstly, if you want to seduce a woman to have sex with you on the first date, do understand the fact that there is nothing you can do to guarantee you of getting laid if she does not want to. However, if you do a few simple things, you can greatly increase your rate of success of going all the way to bed together on that romantic first date.  

So what can you do? Well, for starters, arrange to meet her in a non traditional setting. This will mean that you do not meet her where people usually go on first date such as a fancy dinner in a sleek restaurant.

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How To Pick Up Women
In other words, do not take her or do anything else that she associates with a "date." If you do that, she will mentally put you in a "make him wait awhile" mental compartment where she has also slotted many other guys there who took her a nice dinner in a fancy restaurant.

Why have the unecessary challenges when you do things the traditional way?


So choose instead to break out of the norm and meet at a less formal setting such as an al fresco cafe or an informal fast food joint for an inexpensive lunch or dinner. Furthermore, do not make a big deal out of whether who is paying for the meal.

This is because many guys before you had paid for her meals and of course she obviously knew that they were hoping to have sex with her. So, you shouldn't be doing things when other men had failed, right?

Now, as an alpha male, you should not be doing anything because you are hoping to get laid just like the other wussies before you. If you do that, she will definitely detect your desperation and kills any attraction and sexual chemistry she might have for you.

Next, have the right mindset throughout the date. You should want to be relaxed and feeling somewhat sexual. In this state of mind, you will not be nervous as nervousness is another bad sexual chemistry.

For a woman to become sexually aroused, she needs to feel relaxed and horny and therefore it is important that you feel that way too because numerous research had shown that when two people are in rapport, they eventually match emotional states of each other. In the metaphysical world, this good vibration is called the law of attraction.

How To Make Love On First Date

So when you are chilling out with your date, you should feel deeply relaxed and somewhat horny. Then banter with her on somewhat neutral subject matters ( nothing about having sex and making love or of that nature ) until you see signs that she is also getting relaxed and horny.

When that happens, it is time to get her to be alone with you. This is the time to take her to a bar to get a quick drink and further loosening things up to get even more relaxed and of course, the drinks do help.

As an added advantage of getting her sexually aroused, turned on and attracted to you, you should learn how to produce more of your natural human pheromone. Pheromone is a natural compound produced by your body to attract the opposite sex. Read more about human pheromones here.

At this moment, you must be sensitive enough to detect any signs of her increasing sexual arousal and openness to intimacy such as sitting with her inner thigh exposed and feet pointing towards you or fidgeting with her clothes or even unfasten a button or two.

Other signs to show that she is ready to be taken to bed include "triangular gazing." Triangle gazing meant that she will look at one of your eyes, then the other and then at your lips. You may also notice her stealing glimpses at your chest and even your crotch.

Now, most men make the biggest mistake at this point by saying "Let's go to my place and have sex." You see, with most women on first dates, whenever you mention anything sexual, you will kill her mood and your hopes of getting laid that night is quashed for good.

So you should just make an excuse to take her home instead, such as asking her to come to your home to watch a good movie she hasn't seen or that you are a good pianist and invite her to sing while you play the piano and ask for some comments etc.

Since the two of you have an innocent enough reason to be alone together, it avoids triggering the alarm bells in her mind thinking that you only want to take her to bed and get laid. Once the two of you are alone in your bachelor pad, you can then set the stage for the ultimate seduction. It can take a few moments or even several hours for a woman to feel comfortable enough with you at your home to have sex with you, so you must have some patience.

While sitting on your couch and watching a movie, slowly escalate the seductive sexual chemistry energy further. Start by holding hands, then stroking her hair and then let things take its natural course. Unlike men, women heat up slowly sexually, so do not rush things and you will have a very high chance of having sex with her on the first date.

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Enjoy getting laid tonight and start making love on your first date.

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