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Why Women Love And Are Attracted To Confident Looking Men

We all know that girls are instinctively attracted to confident men. This is because a confident male is percieved as being able to give a woman security and protection and thus is a very manly attribute which women loves.

If you have low confidence in yourself, no worries, confident levels can be trained and there are courses to up your confidence quotient.

The easiest way to project a confident image is to correct your posture and dress powerfully. These are outwards physical portrayals of male confidence, in time will become your natural self as you experience more and more success. At the same time, will encourage your confidence level to accelerate even higher.  

A confident man is an attractive alpha male
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Be An Attractive Handsome Man
A confident man is not only usually very successful with women, most people will also agree that having self confidence is a crucial prerequisite to success in no matter what area of your life.

So it is not just success with women, love and dating, although those are certainly fantastic benefits, but also success in the world of business, friendships and life in general.

Unfortunately, most of the time you cannot just fake self confidence for it is something that you develop as you improve various facets of your life, such as your appearance. If you try too hard, you will be perceived as unnatural and people will definitely catch on pretty quickly.

That being said, there are a few techniques that can be used to successfully to convey a sense of confidence.

As an added benefit, putting these skills to use will also gradually and powerfully increase your own self esteem. Now, if you are commited and really work at it, you will notice yourself really beginning to believe that you can be successful, which is how true self confidence is being developed.

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Techniques To Improve Self Confidence

Firstly, correct your body posture. This is a very, very successful method of conveying and portraying self confidence.

Many expert coaches on confidence building choose to teach their students body posture first before anything else because it immediately indicates a man's confidence level.

Please be aware that good body posture is much more than merely just sitting or standing up straight. It means standing tall, with your stomach in and chest out. Now, do not ever over exaggerate this, just make sure you are not slumped over and letting your tummy sagged to the floor. Your shoulders should be held back slightly and your head up smartly.  

You see, many people have a subconscious slump that not only takes at least half an inch off their height, but it also makes them look timid and uncertain. Successful alpha males walk with their heads held high, they shake hands with a firm grips, and they speak with a confident boomy voice with authority and clarity. These are the sexy male attributes that make women swoon and fall in love.

You should want to be seen as a confident alpha male. By doing all of these things correctly, you will soon notice that people pay more attention to you when you speak and tend to be more likely to notice you more as you enter a room.

Women will almost certainly love to gravitate towards you when you are dripping with confident sex appeal. Over time, this conscious attempt to convey confidence will turn into genuine self-confidence. By the time that happens, you won't need to pretend to be confident because your natural self esteem will have skyrocketed.

Next, get dressed in clothing that only someone who is confident with their good fashion sense will wear. What I mean is to wear clothes that are a bit edgy, trendy, or slightly different. However, you will need to be very careful in this because choosing the wrong clothes can look downright quacky and make you a laughing stock which in turn will send your self confidence tumbling downhill.

The trick is to find clothes that are both socially acceptable but also stylishly unique. For example, if you are working in an office environment, everybody is used to seeing you wear a white shirt, blue blazer and bland dark pants.

Something edgy and trendy for this office setting might be a dark blue shirt and a silver tie, or how about a light colored gray pinstripe suit with a white shirt, light green skinny tie, and a silver tie bar? You can do this to stand out smartly from the boring offece crowd.

During weekends and casual settings, you can still portray a sense of confidence with your fashion sense. One great way to start is by going into your favorite fashion store and identifying clothings and accesories which you think are trendy and cool but that you would never own yourself before.

There are usually plenty of these in a good and trendy fashion stores. Perhaps maybe it is that cute hat, a funky belt, ripped and faded jeans, or even a t-shirt with some outrageous but stylish designs.

Now, instead of saying "I don't think I will look good in that", why not try it on first. Then ask a friend, especially a female friend, a store employee or even a stranger what they think about it. You will probably be pleasantly surprised with their replies. Do this a few more times and you will end up with a wardrobe that is trendier and edgier which conveys a powerful sense of confidence.

Wear these items regularly and your confidence actually will improve. Most people are blown over by the incredible affect that your appearance and your image can have on confidence and self esteem.

One of my clients told me that he used to be extremely timid, quiet, and unsure of himself. After following my step-by-step program and making some big changes to his image, he contacted me eagerly because his woman boss told him that he was hired for a new PR management position because of his obvious self-confidence! Now, how is that for an attractive confident man whom women loves!

To learn more about how to get incredible alpha male self confidence, click The Handsome Factor Appearance Transformation Program. Not only will it show you how convey confidence, the step-by-step guide will dramatically enhance your appearance and your overall image.

As I mentioned earlier, confidence is one of the most crucial prerequisites to financial, social, and romantic success and as such, you will be the star quality center of attraction with women and everybody else.

Best Wishes

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