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Kissing Your Girlfriend First Time

Yes, I know how you are feeling. Giving the woman you like her first kiss from you can be a very exciting, yet a frightening moment, especially if it is also your first kiss. Hey, when the moment is right and you know how to kiss her correctly, you will probably even make her fall for you even more.

The problem is that if your first kiss is executed on the wrong footing, you will probably never get to kiss her the second time. No worries though, here are some tips on how to kiss a woman and make her want more of you.  

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How To Get Women To Kiss You

How To Kiss A Woman Tips

This might be common sense, but many men in the midst of excitement seem to forget this basic kissing principle. Rule number one in kissing a girl is to keep your breath fresh.

This is vital! Make sure you also brush your tongue every time you brush your teeth, and do both regularly to make it become an ingrained habit for good oral hygiene.

Then avoid drinks and foods with powerful pungent smells like alcohol, garlic or onions. Don't smoke if you are a smoker. Many girls are turned off by the smell of stale ashtrays coming out from you. For a quick freshness scent, keep mints ready at hand but remember that they are only aids to help your breath stay fresh.

It is important to watch out for cues that your date is feeling close and comfortable with you, such as enjoying your company, holding your hand tightly but warmly, smiling & laughing during your conversation with her, touching or caressing your forearm and even leaning her head on your shoulder.

These are her body languages to tell you that your date is ready for you to kiss her. Don't initiate kissing her if all these body languages are missing. If you do, you may land yourself in big trouble about dating her again.

On your part, do not surprise your girl friend with that first kiss. Test the water and send body language hints so as to let her know what is in your mind.

That means to do what you wanted her to do like leaning in towards her, holding her hand and gently tugging it toward you. Then wait for her response. If she matches your action, that is her telling you subtlely that she is ready for that first kiss. Now is the grand moment.

If she does not reciprocate your body language or worse, turns her head away, then the time is not ripe for the picking, just yet. Never never never ever force a kiss on any women because by doing that, you are writing your own death sentence in dating her again not to say enjoying another kiss!

First Date Kiss

When you finally kissed her, start with a simple short closed mouth light smack. If she responds well to that, then do another few more with some time gap during the date. Continue doing this, and as long as she is still game for it, then it is time to start making your a kisses last little longer and more passionate.

An important rule in giving your date her first kiss is to always move in slowly. This is because moving in too fast may get her to reject your advance instinctively. That is her instinctive defence machanism at work. On the other hand, deliberate slow moves are exciting and romantic and can even turn her on making her fall for you even more.

So the next question is how far should you go with the first date kiss? Well, the unwritten rule of seduction dating game is not to expect too much on your first kiss. A short closed mouth kiss is already an excellent begining. Several of such kisses are even much better.

Once your date is responding positively, you can continue to get closer. Open your mouth slightly and see if she reacts in the same way. Even if you managed to get an open mouth kiss, do not use your tongue to french her just yet. Have some patience and your fruit of labor will be much sweeter.

Leave the french kisses to the next date because this is also an exciting moment for your date and when you leave hanging there, she will be looking forward to the next date hoping that you will french kiss her by then. In the art of seduction flirting, this move is called attraction by rejection.

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