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Why Are Women Attracted To Men With Swimmer's Body?

Women are attracted to healthy, strong and fit men because such men naturally ooze abundance of confidence and that give vibes of security to girls. Furthermore, men with strong and fit bodies like those of competitive male swimmers can hold their clothes well thus making them look good and charming especially if they are also tall.

So what type of strong male bodies do girls like? Is it the typical bodyshape of a gymnast? A bodybuilder, a wrestler or a competitive male swimmer? What is the perfect male physique girls love?

Male swimmer showing off his perfect male body
perfect swimmers body
Get an attractive swimmer's well proportioned body now.
Well, many researches and controlled studies have shown most women think ideal body is classic 'V' shape form. That is men with a set of strong muscular shoulders, tapering down to a trim waist, with a broad chest and strong abs.

There is even a mathematical formula for this perfect male body known as the Golden Ratio. This Golden ratio calculation measurement is used in part for painting and sculpture works of art by Michelangelo, Da Vinci and many others.  

Perfect Male Body Measurement Ratio

This formula is expressed mathematically as 1:1.618 and amongst other things, refers to the ratio of measurement of a man's shoulder width in relation to his waist, depending on his height. The perfect male body with these measurements are sometimes referred to as the Adonis male bodyshape.

The type of male body that is closest to this formula is the male swimmer's build. Competitive male swimmers have excellent ripped and lean muscle tone, sometimes known as the Greek God ideal male physique. The question is that how can you get an attractive male swimmer's body since you can't swim regularly or the location of the nearest swimming pool is inconvenient to you?

Get Swimmers Body Without Swimming By Swimmer's Body Workout

Here is the good news. Contrary to popular belief, the male swimmer's body is not developed in the swimming pool! It is by working out in the gym. Surprised you, didn't I? I did? What if I were to tell you that you don't even need to step into a swimming pool to build an attractive swimmer's physique? Awesome, don't you think so, unless of course, you enjoy swimming a lot.

Since this is not a fitness site, if you want to know why and how male swimmer's get their irresistibly attractive bodyshape, then you can read more about this at Getting Well Built Body Without Swimming.

The good news is that a group of sports scientist have developed a program on how you can get an attractive swimmer's body that girls like without even stepping into the swimming pool. This program is not meant just for swimmers, but also for ordinary guys like you and I who want to get a strong, healthy and aesthetically appealing perfect male physique. Yes, you can get hold of this program at How To Get An Attractive Swimmer's Body In Weeks.

All the best to attaining your perfect male body that women fall in love with.

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