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Do men need to be handsome and good looking to attract women?

You want to know my answer? No, you do not need to be a handsome good looking hunk to attract beautiful girls. However, if you know how to groom yourself to become more attractive and handsome, then you will certainly have an unfair advantage over guys who are less well groomed and who look like the average Joe.

So although you need not be a handsome hunk to be attractive to women, being well groomed and goodlooking is certainly still an advantage.

Every man can improve his looks and appeal to become attractive to ladies. Below - From nerd to hunk.
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Become more handsome and attractive now

Ok, I can hear you say that girls are not attracted to men by sight, but by other important male attributes like confidence, security, kind, strong and healthy, dependable etc.

Sure, men possesing good male attributes certainly stand a cut above the rest, however, how do women know that you have these strong male attributes before meeting you and having dates with you?

That being the case, isn't it correct to say that your first contact with the girl whom you like is a visual contact? Then it goes to say that the initial attraction is based on good looks, right?

You walk up to her, she looks at you and listen to your opener (pick up line) and from there, in just a mere few seconds, an impression of you is formed and will decide whether she is interested in continuing the conversation with you or not, not to say to even go on a date.

Now, if you are a well groomed handsome looking man, don't you think your chances of hooking her up is much higher than the plain nerdy Joe with a stinking bad breath?

I am sure you have met women who say that the first time she met her boyfriend or husband was love at first sight. Isn't that visual attraction? Wasn't it from there that when they go on dates will she discover his masculine manly attributes? I think you should be getting the picture now.

However, if you are willing to put some effort into your seduction mission, you can even look better than naturally handsome men who do not believe in male grooming. Conventional thinking is that a well groomed man metrosexual man is either a gay or is narcissistic.

Well, that is dinosaur age thinking. In a girl's psyche, a guy who is willing to make to make himself look good, fit and healthy is a dependable man, is someone who can offer her security and is capable of good genetic offsprings.

Now, fret not if you are just average looking or even downright ugly. If you take the effort to transform yourself, every man can make himself look much better than what he is now. All one need is an unwavering determination to look good and handsome and you will be! So Learn How To Become A Handsome Attractive Man Now.

How to become more handsome and good looking

Here below are some things girls subconsiously size up a man visually. Remember that the subconcious mind do not work on logic. It works on the information stored inside the subconcious mind and this part of the mind can't differentiate what is right and what is wrong or what is logical or what is not.

Therefore the subconcious mind works on primal instinct on how best to keep you alive and to your perceived best interest. That is why the subconcious mind is sometimes called the unconcious mind.

The thin and skinny man - A symbol of failure and of weak health that leave her without a sense of security. A man who will find it difficult to defend himself and his brood. Not the perfect gene to pass on to offspring. So if you are a thin skinny hardgainer, then it is about time you beef up your spiral frame. If you do not know how to put on weight, then read this article How To Gain Weight Quickly.

Fat or obese man - The overweight man is perceived to be gluttonous and selfish. It does not matter if the perception is true or not. He is also percieved as weak and unhealthy and thus is certainly not the preferred choice for boyfriend or husband material. So if you are one of those guys with big bellies and wobbly butt, isn't it about time to start losing weight?

Nerdy or scruffy looking man - Again, these men do not give women a sense of security. If they do not bother to look better, dress better or look after their skin condition, then they are not dependable. However, if you are in this category, then it is easy for you to transform yourself to become handsome and good looking.

Healthy and fit handsome hunk
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You see, it is easy to look good and attractive if you are fit and healthy. With a fit and healthy bodyshape, you will be projecting confidence, security and be able to carry your clothes well making you even more attractive to women.

So what is the best alpha male bodyshape? Having interviewed many girls, the Adonis well proportioned physique comes up top. Click this link to see how you can get a male swimmer's body.

So you see, for you to get an overwhelming edge over naturally good looking hunks is just a matter of putting in some effort to groom yourself. You too can become more handsome and attractive. Are girls more attracted by good looking and handsome men?

Of course they are. So start to transform your appearance and be a better looking man now!

The Love Guru

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