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How To Enhance Male Orgasm For Better Sex

In order to enhance better sex, get better orgasms and how a big healthy load of ejaculation can give a man a delirious orgasmic pleasure, you have to know how male orgasms actually work.

Male orgasm happens at the height of a man's sexual experience, the ultimate climax. This is when the various genital muscles contract together in an orgasmic rhythmic fashion.

The male orgasm is the rhythmic contraction of several muscles and muscle groups including the PC muscle, anal sphincter, rectum perineum, the ejaculatory ducts and various muscles of and around the penis. The contracting muscles result in the delivery and ejaculation of sperm during an intensive orgasmic climax.

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The first few muscle contractions are the most intensive and the contractions come close together at interval spans of about 0.08 second each time. As the orgasm continues, the contractions get less intensive and become further apart in time as they get weaker and weaker.

Therefore the more sperm load that you have, the more you have to ejaculate during your orgasmic climax and thus deriving much more and longer sexual pleasure.

So to have better orgasm means that you should have more sperm volume. Also, if the act of sex is for procreating to make babies, then more sperm also means that your partner has a higher chance to conceive. That will be a double pleasure, don't you think?

Sperm Volume Enhancement Pills For Better Sex

If your sperm count is low or volume of sperm that you ejaculate is meagre, then you may wish to consider taking sperm volume orgasm enhancer or supplements to get better orgasm. It is precisely for the reasons mentioned above, there are many sperm volume supplement pills designed to increase the amount of sperm you produce and ejaculate.

Some of these sperm volume supplements and orgasm enhancers focused on the idea that more sperm you have and able to ejaculate, the more manly and impressive you are to a woman, while others focused on how much more pleasure and better sexual health you will have. Both are equally fine if they produce results as the ultimate aim is to increase your sperm production and thus getting better orgasmic pleasure or fertility.

The male reproductive system is rather complex and many different parts need to work together at the right time to give you a powerful and intensive climax. A good quality orgasm enhancement supplement pills should improve the overall function of the male reproductive system.

The best orgasm enhancer pills will not only help you to increase the volume of your sperm, but the quality of the sperm as well. This will help you to be more fertile while enjoying more intensive orgasm.

If you want to be more fertile you should find a sperm volume supplement that will increase both the amount of sperm produced as well as the health of the sperm too.

As with any supplement, find a reputable company that offers and backs up its claims and guarantees. Taking the right orgasm enhancer will ensure you a massive load for ejaculation and getting longer and better orgasms.

If you can't find a good sperm volume supplement, then check out Sperm Volume Enhancement Pills for getting that much better delirious orgasm! Now, start to have better sex and enjoy your most climatic sexual pleasure of your life!

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