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How To Start Flirting To Attract Women

Have you ever wondered why some guys have all the luck with girls falling all over them? Why some guys who are just plain looking, broke or even downright ugly have gorgeous and beautiful women doting over them? Are they just plain lucky with women or is there a science and art to flirting and seduction?

Welcome to the world of sexual seduction. Once you discover that the art of seduction and attraction can be learnt step by step as a skill and technique than merely a game of chance, then you will discover that flirting, seducing and picking up women is a breeze. That is, if you know how to do it. Your journey as a pick up artist and your quest to find the woman of your desire may finally begin here.

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Start attracting women now

Yes, some guys are so blessed that they developed their seduction, flirting and attraction skills naturally and they don't even know it. They merely think that they have excellent sex appeal.

But most men are not like that and if they want to enjoy the company of women and want to start dating the girls, then they must study and honed the skills on sexual seduction and start flirting with girls.

This was why was created to help guys to become a natural women magnet. This is going to be fun, don't you agree?

Art Of Seduction Flirt Tips

So let's start. Here are a few seduction and flirting tips on how to make a good impression on women and how to make the girls want to be with you. For starters, get your appearance and style up to tip top attention grabbing condition so as to make you stand above the rest of the other guys.

You see, there is no reason to disadvantage yourself right from the start. It is important that you give a good first impression by the way you are dressed and the way you present yourself. Of course you don't have to look like the hottest movie star or be the guy who spends more time at the mirror preening himself rather than on the women he is hoping to attract and date. However, if you desire to be good looking and handsome, then click Transform Yourself To Become Handsome

Yes, go and get some of the latest male fashion magazines to see the latest trends. Visit popular male fashion stores and observe their window displays or even better, copy and improve on the dress sense of guys who are already wildly successful with beautiful girls. Although there are some right and wrongs in the way in which you present yourself visually like odd color matching, nerdy haircut, wearing garish color clothes etc, you need not worry about that at this moment because what you need to do is to present your very own unique style that best suits you.

At this point, you only need to make the girls think that you are trendy, attractive, reliable and socially intelligent. A reliable socially intelligent man is a very attractive and appealing man because women perceive them as confident about themselves and do feel good and secure when dating these men.

Next, to carry your clothes elegantly, you need to be healthy and somewhat fit, that is not too fat or too thin.Yes, fat or thin people or even downright ugly men can be wildly successful in attracting girls if they know the art of seduction. The question is wouldn't you be more successful than them if you have a handsome body and know what they know about picking up girls?

So if you are overweight, then start losing weight now and if you are thin and skinny, then start lifting some weights to put on muscular weight. Hey c'mon, give yourself a supremely unfair advantage over your competitors who are either too fat or too skinny. You owe that to yourself and your potential girlfriends. This is because girls are instinctively attracted to healthy and fit men because of their maternal instinct to pass on your healthy genes to their offsprings and at the same time, are in a better position to protect them.

You Can't Attract Women If You Do Not Meet Girls

Are you someone who is very hardworking and the only time you spend outside your work place is commuting to office or going home? Are you the type who like to stay at home to relax and watch TV and hates going to crowded places?

One more question. What on earth makes you think that you can attract women if you do not go out and meet them in the first place? So go out, hang out and socialize. Go to your favourite social clubs, bars or night clubs. These are the places where people go to to let their hair down and so they are more relaxed especially after some drinks and so are easier to start conversations and to flirt with.

Besides, these are the places where you can practice your art of seduction skills and techniques to perfection. You don't even have to use corny ineffective and cheesy pick up lines to approach women. Surprised you didn't I, by saying pick up lines are ineffective. More of that in future articles. So start going out a lot and you may be surprised at how much you are missing out.

The above art of seduction tips are good enough for you to start meeting gorgeous girls, flirt and to date them. However, of course if you want to be a 100% woman magnet, than click How To Get Beautiful Women Secret Revealed

Best wishes to your flirting and seduction success! Be an attractive and sexually appealing man to any woman today!

The Love Guru

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